About Us


Transforming lives……Transforming businesses




Trinity is an organisation comprising of  highly trained, expert life coaches and trainers who are committed to providing conscious training solutions to individuals and professionals through innovative training programs, workshops, coaching, and consultancy. Our mission is to introduce and integrate the principals of conscious evolution, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, NLP, business essentials and excellence,  corporate leadership , motivation, resilience and wellbeing services to transform lives and create consciously evolved individuals, businesses and enlightened executives. Creating conscious enterprises, a high performing workforce, driven by inspiring leaders…

This is our constant endeavor to help individuals/business owners/teams to achieve the right balance between the heart and mind and develop greater clarity, focus, and results.We help them identify and change behaviors that are roadblocks in their way of success and develop their own solutions, strategies, and action plan to improve their personal and professional environment.

We offer a variety of transformational Personal and professional Excellence Programs and Events which include talks, classes, seminars and workshops on subjects including Conscious transformation, life skills training, emotional balance, finding true passion and goal setting, unleashing the potential, career guidance, enlightened corporate leadership, sales explosion , stratagic planning, business consulting, team building and many more….

We believe that consciously evolved and aware individuals and professionals are healthier, more productive and more likely to express excellence in all aspects of their lives. It also helps them develop a caring and sharing attitude that helps build, sustain and maintain a lasting cycle of motivation to achieve, and ultimately benefits all stakeholders!

Our trainings are full of effective yet easy to follow strategies and conscious evolution principles that will help you transform, day after day, your emotional and mental patterns that are no longer serving you and will provide a rich framework for achieving the best outcomes for you.

Welcome to your conscious and enlightened future!